Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop my car off before or after business hours?

Our business hours are 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday. If you would rather drop your car before or after hours, we have a key drop next to the first bay door. Simply lock your car, put your keys and a completed form in one of the provided envelopes. A copy of the work request form can be downloaded here (or filled out when you arrive).

What about picking my car up after hours?

Yes. We can take care of payment arrangements over the phone so you can pick your car up when it is convenient for you.

Which towing service do you recommend?

We recommend Mac Towing (425-822-2800). They use flatbeds which is the towing method of choice for your European Car. Just tell them you would like your car towed to European Car Authority and they will handle it from there. They know exactly where we are and what to do with your vehicle and keys. Then give us heads up that your car is on its way (425-881-2185) and a brief synopsis of what is going on. We will call you as soon as it has arrived and we have inspected your vehicle.

Are appointments necessary?

Appointments are necessary so we can provide same day service for our customers. If you drop your vehicle off in the morning, we will have it ready for you by the close of business. However, we completely understand that you can’t always schedule when your car needs attention. Emergency appointments and tow-in’s are always welcome – we will diagnose the problem and get you back on the road right away!

Do you offer a shuttle service?

We offer a shuttle service within a 5 mile radius of our shop. We are within a mile of Willows Run Golf Course and can drop you there if you would like to get a round of golf in while we are repairing your car. We are also close to Redmond Town Center if you would like to be dropped there for a few hours. We have a waiting room for short services (oil change, etc.). Uber and Lyft are both good options as well and readily available in the Redmond area.

Do you have rental cars?

Both Enterprise and Hertz offer our customers a slight discount so make sure you tell them your car is at our shop. Call them ahead of time to make arrangements. Enterprise: 425-885-3501 / Hertz: 425-497-7472.

Can you repair my car while I am out of town?

We are always happy to store your car (keep it locked up inside the shop) for a few days after we have finished repairs until you get back in town. This free service is only for customers that pre-arrange a few days of car storage. Arranging for car repairs while you are away on business or vacation makes sense so you can have repairs taken care of at a time that you won’t need your vehicle anyway.

Do you accept aftermarket extended warranties?

We work with all extended Warranty Company’s and can handle the entire process for you.

Do you install any used or aftermarket parts?

NO! We only install factory parts! There are some cases where a used or aftermarket part may make sense but we would discuss that with you beforehand.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes. We provide a 12,000 Mile/12 Month Warranty on parts and labor.

Our Eastside auto repair shop is here to take care of all your vehicle service needs. To schedule an appointment or ask another question, be sure to contact us at (425) 881-2185.


We have had our cars serviced at ECA for many years. The owner, Ken always calls after the service inspection to discuss repair needs and cost. His knowledge and service is excellent and the repairs are done on time. He is a straight-up honest technician. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

--Angie’s List / ECA Customer

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